Saturday 21/2/15 HPP Test Day 10


AD 30′ Z1, Every 5′: 10 Push Ups, 14 Lunges
Total Time = 35.19, Av. HR = 135bpm


20′ to work to 1RM Sn = 110 (Video on Youtube)
Weight felt very heavy as this is the first time working up to a max since my knees flaring up at The Athlete Games. 10kg off PB of 120kg so 91.6% which I guess is not bad after not snatching in over a month. Missed 115kg. Wanted to grooved a bit of technique and get used to the weight again so hit 6 singles at just over 90% of this (100kg). All lifts on YouTube apart from misses.

3, 6, 9, 12, 15…
PC + J @62.5kg
= 94 reps (video on YouTube)

Training in a different gym today threw me off. Didn’t perform as well as I felt I could of and should have warmed up better aerobically as felt gassed very early on. Tried to hit singles with little rest to see if this was more efficient, don’t know if it was. Would like to give this one another go soon, maybe go unbroken on the PC+J for longer.


4 WW
300m Row
16 BB Walking lunge (back rack)
5 def hspu @4″
Score = 5 rds + 13 reps.
Rd Times = 3.36/3.51/3.49/4.08/3.38

5 set:
A1 – 5 BP @ 100/102.5/105/110/115
A2 – 6 False Grip Chest to Ring
A3 – 8 Inverted Ring Row (feet on 20″ box)

Saturday 21/2/15 HPP Test Day 10

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